Root Canal Treatment or Endodontic Treatment:

When a tooth becomes decayed and this decay or caries extends and reaches the pulp, the tooth will require a special procedure so that it can be saved. The pulp is in the middle of the tooth and has tiny blood vessels and nerves so when it is affected by decay or trauma it will become very inflamed and that’s when the tooth becomes  painful. Eventually it will lose vitality and start a process of decomposition or necrosis which is also painful and can cause swelling inside the mouth, on the face or both.

The treatment to alleviate and cure this condition inside the tooth is called a root canal treatment or endodontic
treatment. First the dentist removes the pulp, and then the root canal is cleaned and finally sealed with a 
material called guttapercha so that bacteria cannot get inside the canal. After this the tooth has to be built up with special materials and finally a crown has to be placed over the tooth so that it can resist the biting forces.